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What brought me to By Design Dental was that I had been diagnosed with sickle cell disease, and I saw that my teeth were breaking down at an alarming rate. I started doing some research on the internet because what I was told by a dentist was that I could have all my teeth removed, but I wouldn’t have a smile for three months. I thought, in the times that we’re living, it seemed to me that there should be a better option out there. When I went online, I found a couple of places, but there was one near Philadelphia. That kind of excited me, and I called for a consultation.

When I got here I was greeted by so many warm smiles, so many warm people. I was amazed at how beautiful the office was. Everything was just right. What the procedure entailed was removing my decaying teeth and basically, putting in teeth that are all-in-one. It’s basically screwed into the jawline. It sounds kind of scary, but I don’t feel anything — I didn’t then, and I don’t now.

My procedure, I was extremely nervous that morning. I was with my family, and I was glad they were here for the support, but they day of the procedure, everyone came in — Dr. Mogyoros, Dr. Thaler, Rand, Pam, and Lindsey. Everyone was so warm, and they reminded me that it’s going to be a breeze, and they were right. It didn’t really hurt that much. Afterwards, I had a little bit of swelling, and I know that individuals have different experiences, but it was nothing. I had a root canal years ago, and that hurt. This did not hurt.

I just met an individual the other day who said to me, “Oh wow. Your mother must have given you a lot of milk. You have the most beautiful teeth I’ve ever seen.” I kind of smiled, and I said, “Oh, thank you.” It has changed a lot. In that confidence, getting my smile back, feeling comfortable with talking to people and not wanting to go, “Oh yes, sure, mhmm.” When I smile now, I can smile. That feels amazing. Just the other day, I actually started to tear up because I just was so thankful.

I have already directed several of my friends to By Design Dental — several of them who are suffering. As a matter of fact, so many of them saw me and said, “Please, hand me a card,” and I have several of them. I’m glad I followed through. And I’m glad — actually, my mother pushed me to follow through because she said, “Don’t give up on it.” I’m glad we didn’t.

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