How to React to Losing (or Breaking) an Adult Tooth

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Adult teeth are commonly knocked out by falls, sports accidents, biting down on hard objects, and other mishaps. Damaging or losing permanent adult teeth can be scary. Minor tooth injuries can often be treated by your dentist, but severe tooth and mouth injuries require a specialist to perform expert extractions, restorations, and sometimes even bone grafting procedures. Oral surgeons are experts in repairing facial injuries of all kinds, including tooth replacements. In fact, many oral surgeons are on staff at major hospitals to treat emergency facial trauma patients. All of us at By Design Dental Implant Center know how frightening losing your permanent adult teeth can be, which is why we’ve listed a few steps to help you prepare for broken and lost teeth. To improve the chances of saving your natural tooth with minimal discomfort, follow these helpful instructions! Broken Teeth: When you break a tooth, it’s vital that…

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Considering Dental Implants? 5 Things You Need to Know Now

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What is one of the most common reasons that patients visit or look into visiting an oral surgeon? To replace missing teeth! Most patients end up choosing dental implants as their ideal replacement choice because dental implants look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. The popularity of this procedure has sparked so much interest that other dental practitioners and corporate dental companies are looking to capitalize on this opportunity to offer dental implantation services. But the unfortunate truth is that many practitioners don’t have the necessary training or experience to place dental implants. That is why we urge you to ask very specific questions of your doctor prior to making a selection for your dental implant placement. Below we have listed 5 things you want to go over when you are choosing the right doctor for your dental implant procedure. What kind of training has the doctor completed? Before…

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How to Gain Your Smile Back

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What if you are embarrassed to smile? It could be due to multiple missing teeth. Maybe you have broken or decayed teeth? If you’re not smiling, you are missing out in more ways than one. Gaining your smile back will help you develop and maintain your emotional wellness. We all know it is important to be physically healthy, whether it is through exercise or eating well, but many people often overlook their emotional well-being. Emotional health and physical health go hand-in-hand, especially in a world that is constantly changing and becoming increasingly challenging. You shouldn’t have your smile be a source of stress. Smiling naturally releases endorphins and endorphins offer you natural, positive energy. Endorphins can actually work to reverse stress and make you feel better. Smiling also works to help you lower your blood pressure and boost your immune system, which will help you to stay physically well. Unfortunately,…

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