Share A Smile Recipient

Laura’s Story





Laura Tells Us About Her Dental Health:

I have struggled with my dental health for quite some time. I feel as though I’ve practically lived in the dentist’s office. I only have 8 bottom teeth, two of which are fillings. I also only have 8 upper teeth, not including two shells, 3 crowns, and two decays.

Laura Tells Us Why Restoring Her Smile Is Important to Her:

I am a 26 year old single mother. I feel older than I really am because of my teeth missing. I work as a hostess at a Sports Bar & Restaurant. I am the first thing customers see when entering and wish I could give them a great big welcoming smile when they enter. Every day I look in the mirror and I am so depressed with my smile. I’ve avoided conversations and avoided outings with friends and family because of it. If only some day I could win the lottery to be able to afford the work I need done to restore my smile.

Laura Tells Us Why She Thinks She Is a Good Candidate for the Share A Smile Program:

I think I would be a good candidate for the Share a Smile program because I wouldn’t have to spend countless hours at the dentist atleast once a month sometimes more. It would greatly build my confidence and boost my self esteem level drastically.

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